Chris Pepper
Brooklyn, NY


Professional Experience

Senior Systems Administrator, HPC Group, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: New York, NY. 2018-present.

Systems Administrator, HPC Group, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: New York, NY. 2016-2018.

Systems Administrator, Bioinformatics Core, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: New York, NY. 2008-2015.

Editor Securosis: Phoenix, AZ. 2007-present. Securosis provides information security analysis.

Senior Technical Analyst, Technology Infrastructure, Goldman Sachs: Jersey City, NJ. February-November 2008.

Senior System Administrator, Information Technology, The Rockefeller University: New York, NY. 2001-2008.

System Engineer, Interactive Group, Shooting Gallery: New York, NY. May-December 2000. The Shooting Gallery produced independent films. The Interactive Group developed websites for The Shooting Gallery and clients.

Systems Architect, The Gryphon Group, LLC: New York, NY. 1999-2000. Gryphon did custom back-end development for high-end websites -- particularly e-commerce.

Web & List Manager, National Audubon Society: New York, NY. 1997-1999. The National Audubon Society is a non-profit environmental advocacy organization with approximately 550,000 members and 510 chapters in the Americas.

System Administrator, Medscape, Inc.: New York, NY. January-December 1996. Medscape was originally a free medical information website, offering content from Medline and a variety of other sources. Medscape grew from approximately 20,000 to over 150,000 users during my time as its sole system administrator.

Desktop Support Specialist, Computing Services, The Rockefeller University: New York, NY. 1993-1995. Performed Macintosh desktop support, with sole responsibility for over 700 Macs for two years, including networking, backup, and system specification.

Other Experience

System Administrator (personal projects)
Hosted over 20 domains, providing web sites, blogs, email (Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, SquirrelMail, SpamAssassin), Subversion repositories, etc.
Software Testing
For the AG Group, Apple (over 1,500 bug reports, including security vulnerabilities), Bare Bones Software, Claireware, DayStar Digital, Dartmouth College, Ex Machina, Global Village, Green Dragon Creations, InterCon Systems, Lunatech Research, Mainstay, Men and Mice, MicroQue, Neon Software, Portfolio Systems, Qualcomm, Semicolon Software, Software Ventures, Sonic Systems, Stairways Software, Ultra-United, Velocity Development, Working Software, Ziff Communications, etc.
Brooklyn Free Space: Webmaster and Mailing List Manager, 2005-2007. Trustee and Secretary of the Board, 2006-2007.
Linux Lunch, 2004-present: Peer support lunch group for HPC system administrators from local research and academic institutions.
Webmaster and System Administrator:
Info-Mac Network, 2000-2006. Info-Mac was an extensively mirrored web and FTP site, hosted by MIT on FreeBSD as a volunteer project.
Panelist: 1999 San Francisco Macworld/Expo Pro Conference
Discussed firewalls and intranets. Later adapted the presentation as a TidBITS article.

Education & Training

US Citizen References available upon request.